Our Fleet

To ensure timely deliveries and an uninterrupted service, we maintain spare capacity within our fleet and personnel at all times. All vehicles are fully maintained and serviced by the manufacturer, Mercedes, ensuring minimal disruptions. To minimise breakdowns, we operate a three yearly vehicle renewal policy and all vehicles come with full Mercedes 24 hour roadside recovery throughout Europe.

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring

Seven Telematics technology enables our operations, drivers and management to remotely track the GPS location and temperature of the vehicles. This data is securely stored offsite, with historical data made available for up to 12 months, ensuring a robust audit trail and allowing us to complete a full review of the effectiveness of our internal control system. Our temperature telematics systems allows our transport office to remotely track the real-time and historical temperature and location of consignments. Temperature controlled units are fully maintained and serviced by the manufacturer at 16 week intervals. All units have contracted UK and European breakdown cover with the manufacturer. All vehicles are equipped with electronic standby cables, allowing them to be independently run from the vehicle

Fridge Unit Calibration

All of our vehicle refrigeration units are fully calibrated and serviced at 16 weekly intervals under service contracts with the manufacturer. These service agreements also include full UK and European roadside backup in case of fridge malfunction.

Key Out System

Vehicles are fitted with key out systems, enabling them to be left secure while unattended on the decks of ferries. Leaving the engine running guarantees the fridge unit remains running constantly at all times during transit. Any attempt by an unauthorised person to move the vehicle will cause the engine to cut out.