"If you carry perishable foodstuffs abroad in an insulated refrigerated vehicle or container, many countries require you to comply with the Agreement on the international carriage of perishable foodstuffs and special equipment to be used for such carriage (ATP)."


- Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

What is ATP?

ATP is the multi-lateral agreement between Signatory Countries for overland cross border carriage of perishable foodstuffs.  It ensures that vehicles used for this carriage meet agreed international standards.  The agreement details the following:

  • Establishes the standards for temperature controlled transport vehicles such as road vehicles, railway wagons and sea containers.

  • Lists the foodstuffs to be carried in accordance with the ATP agreement and sets the warmest acceptable temperatures for types of cargo.

  • Specifies the tests to be conducted on such equipment to ensure they meet the required standards.  The standards apply to the bodywork and refrigeration units.

  • Provides the system of certification for equipment that conforms to the standards.

  • Requires all Contracting Parties to recognise certificates issued in accordance with the agreement by the competent authorities of other signatory countries.

No-processed fruit and vegetables, as well as foodstuffs transported by air, are not included within the scope of the agreement. >>>>>>>>>> good website